What happens if the price is incorrect?

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At LuxyList, our unique gifting process begins when a Gifter selects and pays for the value of a gift from a list. We then use these funds to purchase the chosen gift, acting as a thoughtful and personal intermediary between the Gifter and the Lister.

The price initially paid for a gift on LuxyList includes the amount set by the Lister, along with our standard fees. It's important to note, though, that prices may vary due to factors such as changes in vendor pricing, applicable taxes, and shipping fees.

Should the total cost at checkout (inclusive of taxes and shipping) exceed the amount provided by the Gifter, we have a straightforward approach to manage such situations:

1. For Minor Overages (Under $30 USD):

   - If the Lister's LuxyCredit balance is sufficient, we will automatically use it to cover the extra cost.

2. For Larger Overages (Over $30 USD) or Insufficient LuxyCredits: 

   We will reach out to the Lister with a few options:

     - Use your available LuxyCredits, if enough are in your account.

     - Pay the remaining balance through a provided payment link.

     - Choose to have LuxyCredits issued to your account for the original value of the gift, including shipping, which you can then use to select another item from your list. 

Please note, all purchases are subject to our standard 15% service fee. This ensures that the gifting process remains smooth and enjoyable for both the Gifter and the Receiver.

Why don't we ask the Gifter for the additional monies?

We truly appreciate the generosity of each Gifter who chooses to purchase a gift from LuxyList. To maintain the spirit of gracious giving and to avoid any awkwardness, we do not request additional funds from the Gifter if the final purchase price exceeds the initially listed amount.

We understand there are situations where the cost at checkout is higher than what is available for purchase. In such cases, we reach out to the lister to cover the difference. This approach ensures that the gifting experience remains positive and seamless for both the Lister and the Gifter.

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