**LuxyList Code of Conduct: Gifting with Grace & Glamour**

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1. Sparkling Interactions:

Our LuxyList team is dedicated to delivering a dazzling experience just for you. In return, we kindly ask for respect, understanding, and patience in all interactions. Let's keep the vibe positive and the conversations as sparkling as our gifts!

2. Exclusively Gifts, Darling:

LuxyList is your go-to for all things fabulous and gifting. Remember, our platform is not designed to exchange goods and services for gifts nor is it designed to transfer money. It's all about the art of pure, genuine gifting.

3. Treat Gifts as Gestures, Not Guarantees:

Gifts are a way to show appreciation, admiration, or affection. They're not to be used as leverage, promises, or obligations for anything in return. Keep the gifting genuine and from the heart.

4. Respect Privacy Like It's the Latest Trend:

Everyone loves a bit of mystery, right? Let's respect the privacy of our fellow LuxyListers. Do not share or solicit personal information. Keeping secrets (at least, the personal kind) is always in style.

5. Elegant Disagreements:

If a hiccup arises—and they sometimes do even in the most glamorous settings—address it with grace and poise. No need for negativity or drama; we're here to help with all your gifting needs.

6. Report with Flair:

Spot something that doesn't quite fit the LuxyList glamour? Please let us know! Your feedback helps keep our platform as pristine as a newly unveiled runway collection.

7. Respect in the Digital Realm:

Engaging with LuxyList on social media should always be a positively fabulous experience for all. We appreciate constructive feedback to serve you better, but let's keep it classy. Defaming or spreading misleading information about LuxyList across any platform is a no-no. Remember, we're here to spread joy, not shade!

Final Fabulous Note:

LuxyList reserves the right to modify or update this Code of Conduct as we continue to refine our journey with you. Violations may result in actions as necessary, up to and including account suspension.

Thank you for being a radiant part of our community. Let's celebrate the world of luxury gifting, together!

Stay Luxy, 

The LuxyList Team

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